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Libraries Staff Directory

General Inquiry: 416-289-5000, ext. 5400
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 Name  Position  Telephone
Room No.   Email Address
 Watson, Gladys Director  Ext. 5402 Progress L3-14D  gwatson
 DeSouza, Nicole Manager, Learning Centres & Libraries Operations, John & Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection  Ext. 5403 Progress L3-14C  ndesouza
 Senthinathan, Vinodan Financial Administrative Officer  Ext. 5405 Progress L3-14  vsenthinathan


 Name  Position


 Ext. 7000

Room No.   Email Address
 Chernomurova, Sasha Learning Strategist - Math Specialist  Ext. 8261  L-202 schernomurova
 Ciurez, Alina Learning Centre Technician  Ext. 7230  L-202  aciurez
 Dominico, Joanne Learning Strategist  Ext. 7476  L-202  jdominico
 Leung, Michael Library Technician  Ext. 7475  L-202  mleung
 McEachran, Sandra Library Technician  Ext. 7474  L-202  smceachran
 Reaume, Kim Senior Library Technician  Ext. 7072  L-202  kreaume
 Tufts, Emily Librarian  Ext. 7007  L-202  etufts


 Name  Position  Telephone
 Ext. 8000
Room No.   Email Address
 Alexander, Gail Librarian  Ext. 8107  160  galexand
 Chernomurova, Sasha Learning Strategist - Math Specialist  Ext. 8261  170A  schernomurova
 DiNardo, David Library Technician  Ext. 8020  170M  ddinardo
 Dominico, Joanne Learning Strategist  Ext. 7476  170M  jdominico
 Hansen, Katrina Senior Library Technician  Ext. 8189  160  khansen
 Leung, Esther Library Technician  Ext. 4538  160  eleung
 Muzyka, Nina Library Technician  Ext. 8056  160  nmuzyka
 Shujah, Sarah Librarian  Ext. 8014  160  sshujah
 Stockton, Toni Library Technician  Ext. 4533  160  tstockton
 Wisener, Andrew Library Technician  Ext. 8085  160  awisener


 Name  Position  Telephone
 Ext. 5400
Room No.   Email Address
 Biron, Carmen Librarian  Ext. 5422 L3-06  cbiron
 Calder, Patty Senior Learning Centre Technician  Ext. 5430 L2-06E  pcalder
 Chopra, Srishta Learning Strategist, Math Specialist  Ext. 5432 L2-06A  schopra
 DeMille, Joanne Library Technician  Ext. 5424 L3-06  jdemille
 Gale, Katie Library Technician  Ext. 5416 L3-06  kgale
 Haddon, Jessica Library Technician  Ext. 5419 L3-06  jhaddon
 Housden, Mary Beth Library Technician  Ext. 5412 L3-06  mhousden
 Husbands, Marlyn Learning Strategist  Ext. 5431 L2-06F  mhusbands
 Makinson, Robert Librarian  Ext. 5406 L3-14  rmakinson
 McDonald, Eva Librarian  Ext. 5421 L3-06  emcdonald
 McKillop, Linda Senior Library Technician, Technical Services  Ext. 5414 L3-06  lmckillop
 Payne, David Library Technician  Ext. 5413 L3-06  dpayne
 Raissi, Ghazal Library Technician  Ext. 5436 L3-06  graissi
 Roberts, Brian Library Technician  Ext. 5425 L3-06  broberts
 Rosali, Agnes Library Technician  Ext. 5415 L3-06  arosali
 Rowlands, Marianne Senior Library Technician  Ext. 5411 L3-06  mrowlands
 Sims, Richard Librarian  Ext. 5423 L3-06  rsims
 Spong, Stephen Copyright Services Librarian  Ext. 5410 L3-16A  sspong
 Trzaski, Gosha Senior Library Technician, Copyright & Special Projects  Ext. 5418 L3-06  gtrzaski
 Wong, Deborah Library Technician  Ext. 5417 L3-06  dwong


 Name  Position


 Ext. 8600

Room No.   Email Address
 Alexander, Gail Librarian Ext. 8607 109 galexand
 Chopra, Srishta Learning Strategist, Math Specialist Ext. 5432 109 schopra
 Hayes, Sonia Library Technician Ext. 8600 109 shayes
 Lum, Cindy Senior Library Technician Ext. 8600 109 clum