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Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2 Reviews

Percent Composition of Compounds

1a.) Find percent composition of H2SO4.

  b.) Find percent composition of CuSO4.


Calculation of Empirical Formulas


2a.) Determine the empirical formula for a compound containing 32.4% sodium, 22.6%       

       sulfur, and 45% oxygen.


  b.) Determine the empirical formula for a compound containing 15.77% aluminum, 

       28.11% sulfur, and 56.12% oxygen.


Calculation of Molecular Formulas


3a.) The empirical formula of a compound is CH2 and its molar mass is 28g/mol.  What is 

       its molecular formula?


  b.) The empirical formula of a compound is CH4O and its molar mass is 192g/mol.   

        What is its molecular formula?


Limiting Reactant


4a.) 2KCl + 3O2 à 2KClO3.  Which is the limiting reactant if there are 100g each of   

       KCl and O2?


  b.) S + H2SO4 à SO2 + H2O.  Which is the limiting reactant if there are 5g each of S and



Calculations Involving a Limiting Reactant


5a.) 18.0g of Br is reacted with 40.0mL of 6.0mol/L Ba(OH)2.  How much Ba(BrO3)2 is



        6Br2 + 6Ba(OH)2 à Ba(BrO3)2 + 5BaBr2 + 6H2O   


  b.) 1.0g of H2 is reacted with 1.0g of MnO2 .  How much H2O is produced?

        H2 + MnO2 à MnO + H2O


Percent Yield


6a.) If the actual and theoretical yield is 15.0g and 18.0g respectively, what is the  

       percentage yield?


  b.) If 8.3g of Na were reacted with 14.0g of Cl, 19.5g of NaCl was produced.  Find the

       percentage yield.  [2Na(s) + Cl2(g) à 2NaCl(s) ]


Balancing Chemical Equations


7a.) C2H5OH + O2 à CO2 + H2O


  b.) NH3 + O2 à NO + H2O





8.         Name     Symbol     Atomic Number     Mass Number     Neutrons 

  a.)   Nitrogen      147N             ______             ______             ______   


  b.)   Krypton      ______           36    _               84                ______


  c.)      Lead       ______          ____                  206                ______




1a.) H:2.04%     O:65.31%     S:32.65%  b.) Cu: 39.8%     S: 20.1%     O: 40.1%


2a.) Na2SO4                    b.) Al2S3O12 [or Al2(SO4)3]


3a.) C2H4                       b.) C6H24O6

4a.) KCl                        b.) H2SO4


5a.) 7.38g                      b.) 0.207g


6a.) 83.3%                    b.) 92.59%


7a.) C2H5OH + 3O2 à 2CO2 + 3H2O                     b.) 4NH3 + 5O2 à 4NO + 6H2O


8a.) 7, 14, 7                   b.) 8436Kr, 48                   c.) 20682Pb, 82, 124


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