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1. Cellular Respiration starts off with

a. Glycolysis

b. Lactic acid fermentation

c. Kreb's cycle

d. Alcoholic fermentation

e. None of the above


2. The end products of glycolysis are:

a. 2 lactic acid molecules

b. 2 acetyl-CoA molecules

c. 2 NADH2 molecules

d. 2 Ethyl alcohol molecules

e. 2 pyruvic acid molecules


3. Glycolysis occurs in the

a. The mitochondrion

b. The chloroplast

c. The cytoplasm

d. The nucleus

e. The plastids


4. Lactic acid fermentation is used because:

a. FADH2 is not present.

b. There is too much energy in the cell, therefore the energy must be used.

c. The cell needs something to do.

d. There is not enough energy and oxygen in the cell.

e. The electron transport chain needs the lactic acid.


5. A total of how many ATP molecules are created in the lactic acid fermentation?

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2

d. 34

e. 38


6. Alcoholic fermentation happens in

a. All animal cells

b. In animal cells and some unicellular organisms

c. All plant cells

d. Some plant cells and some unicellular organisms

e. All living organisms on this planet


7. Aerobic respiration happens in the

a. Mitochondrion

b. Chloroplast

c. Cytoplasm

d. Nucleus

e. Plastids


8. The result of the Krebs cycle is

a. NADPH2, ATP, CO2 and FADH2

b. NADH2, O2, ATP, glucose

c. NADH2, CO2, ADP, and FADH2

d. NADH2, CO2, ATP and FADH2

e. None of the above.


9. The NADH2 is then used in the

a. Chloroplast

b. Plastids

c. Nucleus

d. Cell membrane

e. Electron transport chain


10. The enzyme that is bound to the pyruvic acid when it enters the Krebs cycle is

a. Co-enzyme A

b. Co-enzyme B

c. Chlorophyll A

d. Chlorophyll B

e. Lactase


11. Which statement is FALSE

a. The Krebs cycle is part of cellular respiration

b. Aerobic respiration is used by all cells

c. Glycolysis is the starting point of all respiration

d. Lactic acid fermentation is used in humans when not enough oxygen is present

e. Glycolysis and fermentation occurs in the cytoplasm


12. Aerobic respiration produces how many ATP molecules?

a. 34

b. 36

c. 38

d. 40

e. 30


13. 1 FADH2 produces how many ATP molecules in the electron transport chain?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


14. 1 NADH2 produces how many ATP molecules in the electron transport chain?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


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