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Nursing Math Worksheet

Pharmaceutical Math - for Nursing Students

  1. Convert Thorazine gr 2/3 = ? mg
  2. Convert Digoxin 35000mcg = ? gr
  3. Convert Milk of Magnesia 2 Tbsp = ? mL
  4. Convert Dextrose 0.05L = ? Tsp
  5. Which is larger? Please circle    0.5mg       5mcg    0.55mg
  6. Which is smaller? Please circle   1 tsp        0.5L      0.05L
  7. Which is larger? Please circle      0.02mg    0.022mg    0.01mg
  8. When you come on duty at 0900 hrs, there are 450mL left in your patient's IV. It is infusing at 75mL/hr on the infusion pump. At what time do you anticipate needing a new IV bag?
  9. Order: D5W 5000mL q5h IV. What is the flow rate if there is an infusion pump in mL/hr?
  10. Order: Add Aminophylline 200 mg to 300mL D5W. Supply: Aminophylline 25mg/mL. What volume in mL should you add to the D5W bag?
  11. At 1230 hrs, your patient has 500mL left in his IV bag. It is infusing at 20gtt/min. Drop factor in 12gtt/mL. Do you have enough IV solution left to go to lunch (60min) now, without changing the IV bag?
  12. Order read: Phenobarbital gr iii IM q3h. Label reads: Phenobarbital 120mg per mL. How much should you administer in mL?
  13. Order: 2000mL D5NS to run at 30ml/hr. Drop factor 15gtt/mL
    a. How many hours with this IV run?
    b. What is the flow rate in gtt/min?
  14. At 0900 the patient has 300mL IV solution infusing at 50ml/hr. At what time do you anticipate the IV bag will be empty?
  15. Order reads: Heparin 4000 units. Label reads: Heparin injection 10000U per mL. How much should you give in mL?
  16. Order: Tigan 150 mg IM q4h. Supply: A powder form of medication. The directions read "add 1.8 mL Sterile Water for Injections to yield 300mg/mL" How many mL would you draw up in the syringe to give the ordered dose?




1. 40 mg

2. 0.583 gr

3. 30mL

4. 10 Tsp

5. 0.55mg

6. 0.5L

7. 0.022mg

8. 3pm

9. 1000mL/hr

10. 8mL

11. Yes. The bag will last for 300mins.

12. 1.5mL

13a. 67 hrs

13b. 7.5 gtt/min = 8 gtt/min

14. 3 pm

15. 2.5 mL

16. 0.5mL





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