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Percent Problems 2



  1. A printing press produced 400 newspapers.  16% were smudged and had to be recycled.  How many were recycled?


  1. Jay's boutique runs a special sale reducing all goods by 25%.  Find the sale price of a pair of curtains at $12.00 a pair. 


  1. Bill receives 5.5% commission on all his sales.  Last week his sales were $1766.  Find his commission last week.


  1. Robert's heating costs are down 15% since last month.  What is this month's bill if last month's bill was $53.


  1. A new magazine will award a prize to all sales people who increase their list of subscribers by at least 15%.  Mike has 400 subscribers.  How many new subscribers will qualify him for an award?


  1. Out of a total inventory of 3000 books, a book store did not sell 900 books.  What percent was not sold?


  1. This month Arlene earned $2468 for selling books.  She receives 6% commission.  What was her commission this month?


  1. George took a math test with 60 problems.  He got 80% of the problems right.  How many problems did he get right?


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Soto together make $45,000 a year.  They spend 35% of their income on food.  How much do the Sotos spend on food in a year?


  1. Richard weighed 96 kilos.  He went on a diet and lost 12½% of his weight.  How many kilos did Richard lose?


  1. The auditorium of Centennial College holds 360 people.  90% of the seats were filled at the union meeting.  How many people sat in the auditorium for the meeting?


  1. The provincial and federal taxes are 15% in Ontario.  Jose bought a jacket for $55.  How much sales tax did Jose pay on the jacket?


  1. There are 145,000 municipal voters in Scarborough.  At the last election 65% of the voters went to vote.  How many people voted in the last election?


  1. David and Mary Wiley are buying a house for $132,000.  They have to make a down payment of 12%.  How much is the down payment for the house?


  1. 21% of the Borough of East York's budget awards goes towards education.  Last year's budget for East York was $13,500,000.  How much did the borough spend on education last year?


  1. The city of Scarborough spent 4% of its budget on roads.  Their total budget for the year was $85,500,000.  How much did Scarborough spend on roads last year?


  1. Fred makes $400 a week.  His employer deducts 20% of Fred's pay for taxes and unemployment insurance.  How much does Fred's employer take out of Fred's pay each week?


  1. Elizabeth owes $200 on her credit card.  In a month, she has to pay a fee of 1.5% of the amount she owes.  Find the amount of the fee on the $200.


  1. In 1980 there were 230,000 people living in the city of Toronto.  In 1990 the number of people in the city was 130% of the 1980 number.  How many people lived in the City of Toronto in 1990?


  1. The town of Markham plans to build a new sports centre.  It will cost $2,400,000.  So far the town has raised 83 1/3 %.  How much of the money has Markham raised so far?


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