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Ratio and Proportion - Word Problems

  1. A store charges $7.45 per square yard to install new carpet.  What would be the installation charge for a rectangular room whose area is 56.2 square yards?


  1. The estimated cost of building an addition to an existing room is $11.96 per square foot.  What is the cost of an addition if its area is 378.5 square feet?


  1. A car travels 208.2 miles on 13.3 gallons of gasoline; find, to the nearest tenth, the average miles per gallon.


  1. A rally car driver enters a 605 km race.  If he manages to average 55 km per hour, how long will it take him to complete the race?


  1. Assuming heating oil sells for $1.15 per gallon, how much will a delivery of 245.7 gallons cost to the nearest cent?


  1. A plumber earns $18.90 an hour and is paid time-and-a-half (1.5 times the hourly rate) for all hours over 40 worked in a week.  If the plumber works 47 hours in one week, what is his pay?


  1. The pressure on one square inch at a depth of 50 feet in the ocean is 36.9 lb.  Find the total pressure on a man's body at this depth if his body area is 1,345 square inches.


  1. A 64-ounce box of soap powder costs $3.65.  A 100-ounce box of the same soap powder costs $6.00.  Which box is the better buy?


  1. The list price of a particular radial tire is $98.50.  The sales tax on this tire is $4.93.  In addition, the customer needed a front-end alignment at a cost of $19.95 and the wheels balanced at a cost of $18.50.  If the customer purchased four tires, find the total cost.


  1. A plane leaves Chicago at noon.  At 2:15 pm, the plane is 259.5 miles south of Chicago.  What is the average number of miles per hour the plane has traveled to the nearest tenth?


  1. A model clipper ship is constructed on a scale of 10 feet to 1½ inches.  How high is the mast on the model if it is 75 feet high on the ship?


  1. Hemingway and Gibson are partners who divide their profits in the ratio of 3:5, respectively.  Find Hemingway's profit if Gibson receives $15,000.


  1. The owner of a department store has kept the ratio of supervisors to salespeople at 2:9.


  1. If the store has 180 salespeople, how many supervisors does the owner employ?


  1. If the store has 18 supervisors, how many salespeople work there?


  1. If ¼ inch on a scale drawing equals 50 feet, how many feet do 3 inches on the scale drawing equal?


  1. The tax on a $40 item is $2.  What is the tax on a $160 item?


  1. If 8 ounces of a medicine must be mixed with 20 ounces of water, how many ounces of this medicine must be mixed with 50 ounces of water?


  1. Nicole can assemble 12 car parts in 60 minutes.  How many minutes does she need to assemble 15 car parts?


  1. If the tax on a $25 item is $1, what is the tax on a $350 item?


  1. The resistance in 250 feet of wire is 7 ohms.  Find the resistance in 700 feet of wire.


  1. Alice drove 550 miles on 28 gallons of gasoline.  How far can she drive on 52 gallons?

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