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Volume Questions




1. Tommy got a new box for his birthday. It has dimensions W = 15cm, H = 45 cm and L = 15 cm. If he filled half of the box with sand, and the other half with butter:

a. What is the total volume of the box?

b. What is the total volume of the sand?

c. What is the total volume of the butter?


2. A triangular prism is used to carry water for horses. It is measured with the dimensions H = 8 cm, B = 7 cm and L = 32 cm. What is the total volume of this shape?


3. Joe, the ice-cream man, wanted to know how much ice-cream he scooped up. His scoops were always perfect spheres. When he used his first scoop, he found that the ice-cream had a radius of 7 cm. His second scoop had a diameter of 12 cm.

a. What is the volume of his first scoop?

b. What is the total volume of both his scoops?


4. The Centennial Beer Company has cans which are 20 cm high, and have a diameter of 16 cm. If they wanted to fill their cans with 500 cm3 of beer, would they be able to fit all that beer into one can?


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