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Whole Numbers - Word Problems


1. On Monday Jack worked 8 hours; on Tuesday he worked 7 hours; on Wednesday 6 hours; on Thursday 8 hours; and on Friday 9 hours. How many hours did Jack work altogether?

2. Ann earned $279.68. There was $14.11 taken off her pay for income tax. How much was her pay cheque?

3. Art worked 21 weeks. He saved $6.25 out of each week's pay. How much did he save in 21 weeks?

4. Mr. Miser died and left $92,766 in his bank. It was divided equally between 2 grandsons. How much did each grandson inherit?

5. Ann owes $500.00. She promised she would pay back $25 a week. How many weeks will it take for Ann to pay her debt?

6. Rita made $28 on Wednesday, $49 on Thursday, and $93.50 on Friday. Jane worked the same days and made $39 the first day, $72.11 the second day and $103.95 the third day. How much more in total did Jane make than Rita?

7. Mrs. Edwards had 27 students in her class on Tuesday. By Friday, she had 5 more. By the end of the semester, however, she had 19 students left in her classroom. From the beginning to the end of the semester, how many students in total dropped out?

8. Jack has $326 in his chequing account. He writes a cheque for $88 and another cheque for $116. Then he deposits $57. What is his new balance?

9. Olga bought a shirt for $18.99, a sweater for $36.39, and shoes for $28.85. How much change did she get from $100?

10. Juan worked for 2 weeks and made $267 the first week and $318 the second week. His deductions were $39.50. Greg worked at the same place for 2 weeks and made $273 the first week and $316 the second week. His deductions were $41.35. What is the difference in their gross pay cheques (gross = before deductions)? Who earned more? How much more?

11. Henry had $42.00 to spend in a week. If he spent the same amount each day, how much did he spend?

12. Lucy's mother bought 12 apples at 20 cents each, one loaf of bread for $1.00, and a bottle of apple juice for $1.99. She only had $5.50 in her wallet; did she have enough to pay the bill?

13. If 492 marbles are divided equally among 4 jars, how many marbles are in each jar?

14. Shelly received a mark of 37/42 on her math test and 16/25 on her Biology test. On which test did she receive the highest mark (%)?

15. In a program there are usually three sections of Math. If section I has an enrolment of 25 students, section II 27, and section III 31, how many students are studying Math?

16. Paul bought a second-hand car so he could get to work easily, but he kept having trouble with it. In the first ten days he had to take it to the garage three times. The first time, the repair was $46.50, the second time the parts cost him $65.85 and the third time the bill for parts and labour was $144.20. How much did he pay to have that car fixed in those first ten days? Round off to the nearest dollar.

17. How much Vitamin C is contained in 650 tablets, if each one contains 250 mg?

18. Sue charges $6 for each car she washes. If she washes a station wagon, she charges $8. How much did she earn when she washed 4 cars and 5 station wagons?

19. Pat looked at the bills from the last five times she went food shopping. They were $42, $76, $38, $28, $21. What was the average amount she spent each time she went shopping?

20. Winsome says that the new machine can put 25 labels on envelopes every minute. How many labels can the machine do in three hours?

21. Because of road repairs and an accident, it took Hans 3 hours to drive 210 km along the 401 towards Kingston. What was his average speed over this distance?

22. Maria imports special clay pots from Brazil. A shipment of 100 pots costs her $350. She then sells the pots at local fairs and art shows. On her last shipment she made a profit of $500. What did she have to sell the shipment for to make that profit? What did she have to charge for each pot to make that profit?

23. Lisa kept a record of the electrical bills she paid last year: $85, $98, $76, $65, $92, $84, $79, $55 and $62. How much did she pay for her Hydro last year? What was the average amount she paid per billing period over the year? (Round off to the nearest dollar).

24. A waiter in a restaurant made $14 in tips on Tuesday, $11 on Wednesday, $39 on Thursday, and $65 on Saturday. How much did he earn in tips that week?

25. Karen drove 368km in the morning and 429km in the afternoon. How far did she go that day?

26. A student's tuition fees cost $789; books are $285; sports fees are $37; bus fare is $128; and lunch money is $67. How much is he spending to go to school?

27. Marc decided to buy some of the furniture he needed for his apartment at garage sales so he went looking every weekend. One Sunday, he found a bike on sale for $15. It was almost new and only needed a new brake cable to make it work perfectly. He bought it for $15, bought brake cable for another $8, fixed it up and then sold it to a neighbour down the street for $45. What profit did he make on that deal?

28. The Classical Music Shop has 812 tapes in stock. The Rock Music shop has 12 times as many tapes as the Classical Music shop. How many tapes are there in the Rock Music Shop?

29. Last weekend, I went with friends to the Petroglyph Provincial Park which is north of Peterborough, about 155km from Toronto, to look at Indian rock carvings. It took us 2 hours to get there by car. How fast were we traveling? (Answer in km/h). Round off the answer to the nearest whole number.

30. Celia works at the local coffee shop after college. Her tips for the last seven days have been: $34, $31, $19, $40, $31, $23, and $31. How much did she earn in tips that week? What was the average tip that Celia earned? Round off to the nearest dollar.

31. A worker augmented her salary with a part-time job that paid $160.49. If her regular salary is $515.46, how much did she earn in all?

32. Seven cheques in amounts of $88.97, $50.00, $122.40, $32.43, $100.00, $61.76, and $486.25 are written on a chequing account with a balance of $1,699.44. What is the new balance when these cheques are cashed?

33. In a series of tests, a student achieves the following scores: 97, 83, 88, 72, 92. What is the students' average score to the nearest whole number?

34. How long a board would a carpenter need to cut 3 pieces 92 mm each and 1 piece 108 mm if 2 mm is wasted with each cut?

35. How long a board would a carpenter need to cut 3 pieces 92 mm each and 1 piece 108 mm if 2 mm is wasted with each cut?

36. A particular stock began the week at $79.50 per share. During the week, the price first dropped $8.25 per share and then increased by $10.60 per share. What is the stock's new price per share?

37. The attendance at a particular baseball game is 37,643 people, and the average ticket price is $11.62. How much did the ball game gross from ticket sales?

38. A new car that sells for $14,450 loses 0.27% of its selling price the first year due to depreciation. How much is this car worth when it is one year old?

39. The bill for a party came to $766.80 and was shared equally by eight people. How much did each person pay?

40. The balance owed on a new car is $17,912. What would the monthly payment be (to the nearest cent) if you wish to pay off this debt in 36 equal payments?


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