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Food and Drink

Food and drinks can cause damage to library equipment, furniture and materials, and can attract bugs and rodents.

The following food and drinks are permitted in the libraries:

  • Drinks with lids
  • Cold snack foods such as sandwiches, baked goods and fruit or veggies

The following food and drinks are not permitted in the libraries:

  • Drink containers without lids
  • Hot foods or foods that require utensils (e.g. soup, pizza, poutine, noodles)
  • Foods that are noisy (e.g. chip bags)
  • Foods that are messy (e.g. foods with sauce that may drip on furniture or floors)

Food is not permitted in the Centennial College Archives or the John and Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection.

Library staff reserves the right to determine whether food and drinks are acceptable and will respond to complaints about inappropriate food and drinks in the library.

As a library user, you are expected to:

  • Be respectful and considerate of other library users, library staff and college property and equipment
  • Clean up after yourself and take your containers with you when you leave
  • Abide by the Centennial College Student Code of Conduct