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Become a Tutor Application

Become a Tutor Application

Tutor Requirements

All tutors must:

  • speak fluent English. 
  • clearly convey thoughts and ideas in English. 
  • be attentive to detail, punctual and reliable. 
  • have excellent grade point average in the courses to be tutored (B+ or higher) 
  • keep all tutoring appointments as scheduled. 
  • maintain records and/or statistics as needed for program evaluation.
  • attend a mandatory training session

Demonstrated tutoring skills preferable.

All scheduling of tutoring appointments will take place through the Learning Centre. Tutoring will take place in the Learning Centres. Tutors are required to check the booking system regularly for their appointments.

Applicant Information
Enter your first and last name
If you do not have a SIN, enter Not Available
Program Information
Which program are you currently enrolled in?
Which semester are you currently enrolled in?
What is your overall Grade Point Average?
Workstudy Information
Tutoring Availability
Enter the course code for the course you want to tutor
Enter the name of the course you can tutor
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Additional Courses

Please enter the information for up to 4 additional courses you are able to tutor.

Job Requirements
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