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Pi Day Draw!

calendar icon March 16, 2018
Group in Learning Centre

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 was International Pi Day, and was celebrated at all the Math Drop-in Centres across four campuses. Thanks to all the students, faculty and staff who came out for the celebrations. In addition to delicious pie and engaging in interesting activities, students were encouraged to answer two math questions. Correct answers were entered into a draw for one of ten prizes: 3 scientific calculators, 2 Rubik’s cubes, 2 Geometry cases, 2 Money Mazes and 1 Math Clock. 

The correct solution to the pie problem was $5, and the pie slices problem was $23.

If you are one of the winners, you were sent an e-mail with instructions about retrieving your prize. 
Thank you again to everyone for making Pi Day a success!
We look forward to celebrating math again during our summer event! Details to be announced later so please stay tuned.