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Accessibility Services

Centennial College Libraries is committed to providing equal access to all students, faculty and staff of the college and has a variety of services in place that can assist students with disabilities to access our resources.

Accessibility |Accessible Formats of Library Print Materials |Accommodation Requests | Assistive Equipment or Devices | Tutoring Services


adapative technology station at Ashtonbee Library

Library access:

The Library main entrances at all four campuses are equipped with automatic door openers.

The enclosed Silent Study and Learning Centre areas at Ashtonbee and Morningside are also equipped with automatic door openers. 

The enclosed Learning Centre area at Progress has an automatic door opener.

Service counter:

Lowered service counters are available at Ashtonbee, Morningside, and Progress. 

There are wheelchair-accessible quick reference/library catalogue computers at Ashtonbee and Morningside.

Access to library shelving:

Access to our library shelving, where physical space allows, conforms to standards which enable access by people using wheelchairs.

Study carrels:

Accessible study carrels are located as follows:

  • Two wheelchair accessible study carrels with height-adjustable desks at Ashtonbee Library
  • Four wheelchair accessible study carrels at Morningside Library

Look for the "Wheelchair accessible study carrels" signs at these campus Libraries.

Computer workstations:

Accessible computer workstations are located as follows:

  • Four height-adjustable computer workstations accessible for wheelchair users at Ashtonbee (two in the Library Lab, two Assistive Technology workstations)
  • Two height-adjustable computer workstations accessible for wheelchair users at Morningside
  • Two height-adjustable computer workstations, one standing work station and one library catalogue workstation accessible for wheelchair users at the Story Arts Centre
  • Four electronic height-adjustable tables in the 1st floor Progress Commons.

Quiet study rooms:

The Libraries at Ashtonbee, Morningside and Progress have quiet study areas available.

The Story Arts Centre has an open study area on the main level. Students who have been provided with an elevator permit may use it to open the corridor access to the second level (mezzanine) study carrels. The study carrels on the second level have individual task lighting at each carrel.

Accessible Formats of Library Print Materials

Centennial Libraries will provide, upon request, an accessible format of a print book held in our library collection (excluding textbooks) to current college students and staff with a verified “perceptual disability” as defined in the Canadian Copyright Act.  This service is in accordance with the Communication and Information Standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

The Copyright Act defines a "perceptual disability" as a disability that prevents or inhibits a person from reading or hearing a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work in its original format, and includes such a disability resulting from (a) severe or total impairment of sight or hearing or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes, (b) the inability to hold or manipulate a book or (c) an impairment relating to comprehension.

If you require an accessible  format of a print item in the library’s collection, talk to the library staff or contact your campus library.  They will help you access the item if it is already available in an accessible format or send the item away to be digitized into an accessible format for you. 

Accessible Format of Library Print Materials ACE Password Request Form

Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE):   Eligible users (current Centennial College students or staff who have a verified perceptual disability) can access  digitized titles that are part of our book collection (textbooks not included).  If you are an eligible user and would like to access the ACE collection, please contact the  ACE coordinator through Ask the Library to receive an ACE password/token.

The library and the ACE service do not digitize textbooks.  If you require textbooks or course materials in accessible formats, please contact Centennial College’s Centre for Students with Disabilities .

Accommodation Requests

Retrieval of library materials:

Library staff will assist users with mobility or vision impairments in retrieving materials from the book shelving. If possible, please contact the Library in advance to arrange for materials to be retrieved.


Library photocopy machines are self-service and operate by myCard only. A request can be made to Library staff to make photocopies and a date and time for photocopy pick-up will be arranged. The per-page self-service photocopy fee will apply.

Additional accommodations:

For Library accommodations other than those outlined above, contact us at the relevant campus.


Assistive Equipment or Devices

Progress - adaptive technology workstation multimedia viewing station at Ashtonbee


Sheet magnifiers and hand magnifiers are available for 3-hour check out at each Circulation Desk, for use within the Libraries.

  • A hand-held magnifying glass 2X (8D) rectangular magnifier with 2" x 4" plastic lens with 6X bifocal lens.
  • A sheet magnifier, 4X page size, 7" x 10", for newspapers, maps, blueprints and other larger documents.

Listening devices:

The Media Services Department has placed listening devices in 5 classrooms at Morningside. They are in rooms 206, 210, 248, 403 and 405.

Data projectors with closed caption capabilities are available from Media Services.

Closed captioning:

All Library video viewing stations have a closed caption mode to play videos that provide closed captioning. The user should advise the AV technician or Library staff that the closed caption mode is required when checking out the video. The user will be given access to a remote control to turn on the closed caption mode for the viewing station. Instructions for enabling the closed caption mode are posted at each video viewing station.

Assistive Technology equipment:

The adaptive technology computer stations at all campus Libraries are equipped with Kurzweil 3000, CCTV Clearview, Jaws screenreader and Zoom text 9.0. There is also a scanner and software at each campus to enable students to have access to library materials in an alternate format.

Is an adaptive workstation available now? Check our Find A Computer service.

Tutoring Services

Please see Tutoring. In addition to our standard tutoring services, all full-time tutors receive an orientation by the Centre for Students with Disabilities to enable them to work successfully with students with disabilities.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions - please contact us.