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Jobs at the Learning Centre

Part-time Peer Tutors

The Library Learning Centres are always searching for potential candidates to become peer tutors every semester.

Why should I become a Peer Tutor?

  • Gain valuable work experience on-campus
  • Earn extra income while studying
  • Strengthen your own subject knowledge
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet and help students within your program
  • Flexible schedule
  • Eligible leadership experience for Leadership Passport

Am I a good fit? 

Check the following list of requirements that we consider:

  • I have completed one semester of my program
  • I have achieved an overall GPA of B+ or higher
  • I can spare 4-10hours/week of my spare time and am committed to my responsibilities
  • I can speak fluent English and am able to clearly convey thoughts and ideas in English
  • I would like to gain valuable work experience helping others in a learning environment
  • I have effective study habits and attend class regularly
  • I am described by others as dependable and reliable

What are some of the expectations of a Peer Tutor?

  • Peer tutors are hired to work for one semester
  • Peer tutors are paid $14.00/hr based on booked appointments
  • Peer tutors determine their own tutoring schedule and are expected to be on campus during those times
  • Peer tutors are to attend all necessary orientation & training sessions
  • Peer tutors must arrive on time for all appointments at the Learning Centre
  • Peer tutors will help guide and support students' learning in a positive and patient manner
  • Peer tutors will adhere and enforce College and Learning Centre policies and guidelines at all times

Apply on-line  today!


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