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Food and Drink Policy

As members of the College community, we all have a shared responsibility to maintain a clean environment where everyone feels safe.  

Centennial Libraries and Learning Centres provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone using our study and learning spaces.   

Food and Drink   

  • Food is not permitted in the library and can only be consumed in designated eating areas on campus (i.e. the cafeteria)  

  • Library users can consume non-alcoholic beverages from spill-proof containers 

  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles

As a Library and Learning Centre user, you are expected to: 

  • Be respectful and considerate of other library users, staff and college property and equipment 

  • Clean up after yourself and take your containers with you when you leave 

  • Abide by the Centennial College Student Code of Conduct 

Spills or accidents should be reported to library staff either in person or via Ask the Library.