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Course Reserves

What are Course Reserves?

Course reserves are reading material and media set aside by faculty for the exclusive use of students in specific courses. The library manages both hardcopy and online course readings.

Instructors can make course readings available online through the eReserves service in eCentennial, the college's online learning management system, or as physical items that can be borrowed from a campus library on short term loan.

If your instructor is using eReserves, you will see a module in the course content on eCentennial. Check your syllabus or contact your instructor for information about where your assigned course readings are located.

eReserves: Electronic Course Readings

eReserves is a list of electronic course materials your instructor has requested for your specific course section, available through your eCentennial course at no cost.

The list may include: links to library resources like databases, articles, and eBooks, book chapters, web links and open educational resources.

To learn more about the eReserves services visit: 

Course Reserves at a Campus Library

Instructors can place physical materials including print books, DVD videos and copies of articles on reserve in the Library.

To learn more about course reserves at a campus library visit: