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The Libraries and Learning Centre (LLC) services will be closed on the morning of December 10th and will resume online services at 1:00pm. Our spaces will be closed for the day and will re-open on December 13th at 8:30am.

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Noise Policy

The Centennial College Libraries are committed to providing an environment that strives to accommodate diverse academic needs and is respectful of all library users.   

This policy is to inform all library users of appropriate noise levels and the consequences of non-compliance.  

The Libraries are learning environments. Users should respect the rights of others and refrain from making excessive noise while using the libraries spaces.   

  • Place cell phone ringers on vibrate or silent. 

  • Use headphones to listen to audio devices. Headphone volume should not be audible to others in the area. 

In order to facilitate the different needs of library users, the libraries have established the following noise level zones.  

Silent Zone:  these areas are for individual study.   

  • Cell phone use and conversation are not permitted in the silent study areas.  

  • Use headphones for listening to audio devices. Headphones should not be audible to others. 

Quiet Zone: these areas are for study of individuals 

  • Headphones must be used to listen to audio devices. 

  • Quiet, infrequent conversation permitted.  

Collaborative Zone:  due to  COVID-19  restrications these areas  are for study of individuals. 

  • Cell phone use permitted. 

Consequences of Non-compliance 

When necessary, library staff will remind library users of the noise policy. Library users being disturbed by noise are encouraged to ask library staff to intervene either in person or via Ask the Library.  

Those users who do not comply with the noise policy after being warned will be asked to leave the library premise. Security will be called to assist, as necessary. In the case of individuals who fail to comply with the policy when requested, a report will be made to the Manager, Library Services. 

Earplugs are available for all library users at Library Circulation desks. 

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