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Math Learning Strategies

Math learning strategies can help you study math more effectively.

You can meet with a Math Learning Strategist to: 

  • Get tips and strategies for math courses.
  • Identify your math skills and learning style. 
  • Develop math strategies tailored to your unique learning style.
  • Reduce your math anxiety.
  • Learn tips and techniques to remember and retain math formulas and processes. 

How to Book a Math Learning Strategies Appointment:

1. Before logging in, read the Tutoring Guidelines.

2. Login to the booking system with your myCentennial ID and password in the appropriate box.

3. If it is your first time accessing the tutor booking system, you must register by filling out the registration form. You only have to register once. After logging in and registering, you will always be taken to the Search page.

4. Click on the "Schedule View" button in the top left corner.

5.Select your service from the left side toolbar. To make an appointment with a Math Strategist, select "Math Learning Strategies". You can also find Math Strategists by entering "Math Learning Strategies" in the search bar and selecting "Find Hosts".

6. You can also choose to filter your search by campus or type of session.

7. Use the buttons in the top right to change calendar views. You will only be able to book appointments up to 7 days in advance regardless of the view you choose.  

8. Available appointments are displayed in green. A plus sign indicates the session will be either online OR in person; the globe icon indicates an online-only appointment. Click the block for the available time you prefer and fill in the required details. 

9 .Click on “Book Session” to complete your booking. 

10. You will receive a confirmation email with the appointment details, and a reminder as your session approaches. If your appointment is in person, you will meet your Learning Strategist at the Learning Centre space for your campus. If your appointment is online, you will meet your tutor on MS Teams at the specified time by clicking on the link provided on your dashboard. 

If you have trouble booking an online appointment, please send a detailed e-mail to

Math Advising

If you have completed a math test through the Assessment Centre for placement purposes, please contact a Math Learning Strategist via e-mail for math advising. 

Visit the Math Advising Guide to find schedules and more information.