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Resource Sharing

Materials you create as part of your employment at Centennial College remain the intellectual property of the College, unless you have a written agreement that states otherwise. This includes slides, exams, lecture notes, and other materials related to the teaching of a course. 

This is true for content created for other Ontario college courses, so if you are using and/or adapting materials for your course that are from other colleges, you must obtain written permission to do so.

Licensed Content from other Academic Libraries 

Many faculty members collaborate with colleagues at different institutions, or teach as sessional instructors at another college or university. It may seem simple to share the resources from one academic library with the students or faculty at another institution. 

License terms for most electronic resources restrict access to students and faculty of the subscribing institution. This means that if you share a PDF of an online article with members outside the college, you are violating the terms of the license. 

If the college does not have access to material that you need for your teaching or research, contact your Librarian or request the item using interlibrary loan. 

Materials that are Open Access or OERs generally can be used and shared with proper attribution.