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Fines and Fees

As a library user, you are responsible for all material that you borrow. Fines were put in place to encourage library users to return their items on time and ensure fair access for everyone. 

If you return your items late, lose or damage your items, you may need to pay a fine or replacement cost. Fines will vary depending on the type of item borrowed.  Refer to the Library Loans chart for specific item types. 

Notification of Overdue Items 

Fines will apply when an item has not been returned on or before its due date.   

To find out when an item is due, check the date due slip that was issued at the time of borrowing or check your account online from the Library’s website. As a courtesy, a Reminder Notice will be emailed to you 3 days prior to the item's due date.

If you have an overdue item/s, you will be notified by email:   

          1st Overdue Notice     -   1 day late 

          2nd Overdue Notice    -   7 days late 

          3rd Overdue Notice     -  14 days late 

          Assumed Lost Notice  -  28 days late 

If an item is overdue for 28 days, the item is assumed lost, and you will receive a billing notice for the cost of the item. 

What happens if you have fines 

Overdue or late fines begin accruing the day after the item is due and will continue to accrue until the item is returned, renewed or marked as lost.  You cannot pay for items that are still outstanding and accruing fines.

If you have unpaid fines of $10 or more, you cannot borrow or renew items. 

Outstanding fines or fees may result in a hold on your academic record. These holds may impact your ability to register in courses, request transcripts and apply for graduation. 

Once your items are returned, the fine will not increase but will stay on your Library account until paid.  Fines can be paid in increments or in full. 

Making a Payment 

Payments can be made: 

  • Payments can only be made in person by cash, debit, or credit card.
  • Please note: A $5.00 minimum payment is required for debit or card transactions

Loss and Damage 

Your Library account will be charged replacement or repair costs for lost or damaged library material and equipment.  

Unless the item is returned, or replaced with an equivalent copy, the purchase price of the item will be charged to your account. Please contact Library staff for complete details. 

Fine Dispute 

If you would like to discuss a fine or fee issue, contact Library staff at your campus.