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Special Collections
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About Us

Centennial Libraries holds several special collections. These special collections are of significance for their historical and curricular relevance to the college.

Our Special Collections

  • Board Game Collection

    Board Game Collection

    Contributing to overall well-being, and to help foster teambuilding and sense of community, all campus libraries offer a variety of board games available to borrow.

  • Centennial Writes Collection

    Centennial Writes Collection

    Centennial Writes recognizes members of the Centennial College community who are authors of published works in either print or electronic format.

  • Daher Folk Tales Collection

    Daher Folk Tales Collection

    The Progress Campus library has a collection of folk tales, fables, myths and legends from around the globe donated by former Dean of Students, Doug Daher.

  • Makerspace Emerging Technology Collection

    Makerspace Emerging Technology Collection

    Emerging technology gives you the tools to unleash your creativity and enhance your innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Pollock Holocaust Collection

    Pollock Holocaust and Genocide Studies Collection

    A special collection of materials related to the Holocaust and Genocide is housed in the Centennial Archives at Progress Library.

Centennial Progress Library
Centennial Archives

The archival collection includes artifacts and primary documents from the College’s history as well as historically significant material withdrawn from Library collections.