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Special Collections
& Exhibits

About Us

Centennial Libraries holds several special collections. These special collections are of significance for their historical and curricular relevance to the college.

Our Special Collections

  • Centennial Progress Campus

    Centennial Archives

    The archival collection includes artifacts and primary documents from the College’s history as well as historically significant material withdrawn from Library collection

  • Board Game Collection

    Board Game Collection

    Contributing to overall well-being, and to help foster teambuilding and sense of community, all campus libraries offer a variety of board games available to borrow.

  • Centennial Writes Collection

    Centennial Writes Collection

    Centennial Writes recognizes members of the Centennial College community who are authors of published works in either print or electronic format.

  • CORe Institutional Repository

    CORe Institutional Repository

    CORe is an open access repository that enables storage, preservation, and retrieval of digital objects created by the Centennial community.

  • Daher Folk Tales Collection

    Daher Folk Tales Collection

    The Progress Campus library has a collection of folk tales, fables, myths and legends from around the globe donated by former Dean of Students, Doug Daher.

  • Diversity and Belonging Collection

    Diversity and Belonging Collection

    This special collection includes numerous sub-collections that highlight and explore topics of interest to our community and support diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Makerspace Emerging Technology Collection

    Makerspace Emerging Technology Collection

    Emerging technology gives you the tools to unleash your creativity and enhance your innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Pollock Holocaust Collection

    Pollock Holocaust and Genocide Studies Collection

    A special collection of materials related to the Holocaust and Genocide is housed in the Centennial Archives at Progress Library.