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Mashups & Remixes

Canadian copyright laws allow you to create user-generated content (“mash-ups”) for your class using copyrighted materials, including images, without infringing copyright (Copyright Act, 29.21 (1)).

Examples of instructional mash-ups include:

  • Slide presentations
  • Instructional videos
  • Tables and diagrams

You can create mash-ups for non-commercial purposes only, and you must include source attribution for all content used.

You must also ensure that each use meets the following criteria:

  • The content is legitimate
  • Online content: It was posted by the copyright holder or with their consent.
  • Other content: You use a non-infringing copy (Copyright Act, 29.21 (1) (c)).
  • There are no technological protection measures (“digital locks”) preventing access to the content. Bypassing digital locks is not permitted, even for legal purposes (Copyright Act, 30.04 (3)). 
  • There are no clearly visible notices that expressly prohibit educational use. This includes any licenses or contracts (Copyright Act, 30.04 (4) (b)).