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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Library and Learning Centre services, spaces and resources.

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    How can I access support for online learning?

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    You can access our online resources 24/7. Off-campus access to most of our e-resources is available for currently registered full and part-time Centennial College students and College employees.  Login with your myCentennial ID and password.

    If you experience problems logging in, please contact the I.T. Service Desk for help.

    Centennial College alumni who are not currently registered in any courses do not have off-campus access to e-resources.


    Often, clearing your your browser's cache will solve the problem.  For instructions, choose your browser:
    Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Edge

    If the problem persists, contact your campus library.

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    Book an appointment with a librarian

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    Students can book an appointment with a librarian using our online booking system.

    • Click on "Research Support". 
    • Enter your myCentennial ID and password. If it is your first time booking, you must fill out the registration form. 
    • From the "Limit to" drop-down menu, choose your course or subject/school to be matched with the best librarian.
    • Click on the time slot you want to book. Available times are highlighted in white. 
    • Confirm the date and time you've chosen and specify what you want help with. Indicate any equipment requests if required. 
    • Click on “Save Appointment” to confirm the appointment.  

    You will receive an email confirmation with the appointment details.

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    Book an appointment with a tutor

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    Students can book an apointment with a tutor using our online booking system.

    To learn how, watch our how-to video or see the instructions below:

    1. Click on “Book a Tutor”.  
    2. Enter your myCentennial ID and password. If it is your first time booking, you must fill out the registration form. 
    3. Choose Tutoring from the list of services on the left side. You can also choose to filter your search by campus or type of session.
    4. Enter your subject or course code in the search bar and select Find Hosts to view tutors for that specific course. 
    5. Use the buttons in the top right to change calendar views.You will only be able to book appointments up to 7 days in advance regardless of the view you choose. 
    6. Available appointments are displayed in green. A plus sign indicates the session will be either online OR in person; the globe icon indicates an online only appointment. Click the block for the available time you prefer and fill in the requred details.
    7. Click on “Book Session” to complete your booking.

    You will receive an email confirmation with the appointment details. If your appointment is in person, you will meet your tutor at the Learning Centre space for your campus (visit your library service desk if you aren't sure where to find it). If your appointment is online, you will meet your tutor on Teams at the specified time by clicking on the link provided on your dashboard. Watch our brief video to learn how to access your online appointment.

    Need help? Contact us at

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    Request a Tutor

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    If the course you are looking for help with is not listed in the online tutor booking system, please fill out the request a tutor form

    Learning Centre staff will attempt to find a tutor and will contact you if they are successful. 

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    Book a Study Room

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    Book a room for your group using our online room booking system.

    Study rooms are available during library service hours for course-related work or study.

    You can book a study room up to one week in advance.

    The time limit is three hours per day, per individual/group, or six hours per week, subject to room availability. 

    Learn more about the study room guidelines

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    Login to my Library Account

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    Login to your Library account with your myCentennial ID and password.  

    If you experience problems logging in, please contact the I.T. Service Desk for help.

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    Renew my books

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    Students and employees

    Login to your library account with your myCentennial ID and password to renew items.  Click “Loans” to select the item(s) you would like to renew.

    Other borrowers

    Alumni, community members, and retired faculty and staff who have a Library card may renew items by contacting us.   

    Renewal Policy

    One and two-week loan books can be renewed manually if:  

    • The books have not been requested by anyone else.  
    • Your accrued fines/overdues are less than $10.  


    Applicable items will renew automatically if there are no requests for the item, a user's account is in good standing, and the renewal limit has not been exceeded.

    • All print items and circulating DVDs can auto-renew up to a maximum loan period of 120 days
    • Emerging Technology items can auto-renew up to a maximum loan period of 14 days

    Laptops, iPads, and Reserve items are not renewable.  

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    Place a hold / request a book from another campus

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    You may borrow material from any Centennial campus Library or request an item that is currently checked out to another user. Place a "Request" on the item online through Page 1+ and the material will be delivered to the campus you select. Please allow two business days for delivery for items listed as "Available" or until it is your turn on the hold waiting list for items currently on loan.

    You will receive an email notification when your hold is ready for pickup.

    To check the status of your hold, login to My Account, and view the "Requests" section.

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    Library returns & fines

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    Returning Library Items 

    You may return most borrowed items to your closest campus Library during our hours of operation, or place them in any of the book drop-boxes at each campus Library

    Unable to come to campus? Contact us to discuss other return options. 

    Exceptions include equipment such as iPads and items from our Emerging Technology collection which must be returned only in-person to the campus Library you originally borrowed them from to avoid damage to and loss.

    If you borrowed a Chromebook through the College's IT Device Loan Program, contact to arrange a return or login to the I.T. Knowledge base for step-by-step instructions.

    Fines and Fees

    As a library user, you are responsible for all material that you borrow. Fines exist to encourage library users to return their items on time and ensure fair access for everyone. 

    If you return your items late, or lose or damage your items, you may need to pay a fine or replacement cost. Fines will vary depending on the type of item borrowed.  Refer to the Fines and Fees guidelines for more information.

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    Borrow from another college or university

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    If you are a full- or part-time student, faculty, or staff member and you would like to borrow an item that is not available at any of the Centennial College libraries, please discuss this request with library staff.

    Please note, we do not submit requests to borrow books that are currently designated course textbooks

    If we do not have similar material that will meet your needs, we will request items from other Ontario colleges and universities for you.

    Fill out the online Interlibrary Loan Request form

    Delivery times

    Books: Delivery may take up to several weeks, depending on the item's availability.

    Journal articles: Delivery is normally around three days, but can be longer, depending on the source. To see if Centennial Libraries has the article you want (either in paper or electronic format), search for the publication in our full text journal list or citation finder.  


    The Libraries cover the cost, but we charge a fee for journal articles that you order but don’t pick up.  

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    How do I print?

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    Printing from the Library computers

    Printing from these computers is the same as in other college computer labs.

    You must have money on your myCard to print.  For more information and detailed instructions, visit Printing with myCard on the college website. 

    If you need assistance with the computer lab printers or if the printers are out of paper, call the IT Help Desk using the telephone in the computer lab.

    Printing for the first time

    If this is your first time printing, you must connect your MyCard to your print account. 

    1. Send your print job from any computer
    2. Tap your MyCard on the student printer
    3. You will be prompted to login using the same username and password you use to access campus computers
    4. Tap your MyCard again to complete the process

    Printing in Colour

    Not all printers are set up to print in colour. Staff can help you identify colour printers.

    To print in colour, the settings must be changed in the software that you are working with, not from the printer. When you send your file to print, a print dialogue box should appear. You should then: 

    1. Look for an option to access the printer’s settings. For example, under the Preferences tab, you may see “Printer Properties” and “Options”. 
    2. When you choose “Options”, you will notice a “Quality” tab, under which you will be able to uncheck the boxes that don’t apply (e.g. “print text as black” and “print in black and white”). 
    3. Click “OK” and print.   

    Web printing

    Web printing is available if you wish to print documents using a laptop.  Just like printing from a College computer, you must use your myCard to use this wireless printing service.  Detailed instructions on how to use web printing are available in all computer labs, or online through the Student Hub

    Follow these steps to print: 

    1. Log into the web print page with your network ID and password. You must be logged into the CCWSecure Network to use the Web Print feature. 
    2. Check for available balance. (To load funds onto your account, go to 
    3. Select the “Web Print” option.
    4. Select “Submit a Job.”
    5. Enter the number of copies you want to print by clicking “Options”. 
    6. Select “Upload Documents”.
    7. To find the document you want to upload, click on “Browse” or “Upload from Computer”. Then choose, “Upload and Complete”. 

    Once your file has been uploaded, you won’t be able to: 

    • Modify the documents 
    • Change the size 
    • Print multiple slides per page 
    • Print single-sided (defaults to double-sided only) 

    A status screen will appear and your print job will be queued for delivery to the printer. 

    Note: The default printer should be pracad02\Centennial-Global. If it isn't, go back to Step 4 and on Step 5 click on “Printer Selection”. Enter “Global” in the “Select a Printer” box. Press “Enter” on your keyboard. Click on “Print Options and Account Selection”, which will bring you back to Step 5. Continue all steps. 

    Printing is available to registered students only

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    How do I scan a document?

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    You can scan a document from any multifunction printer in the Library.

    1. On the printer’s home screen, choose the “Email” option to access the Scan to Email screen.  
    2. Press “Recipient(s)” to set the email address where the scanned file will be sent. Note: The email address must be a email address. 
    3. Modify the settings to your preference and choose “Send It”. 
    4. You may then choose to “Scan the Next Page” or “Finish the Job”. 

    Also, our Ashtonbee, Morningside and Progress campus libraries have assistive technology workstations with scanners. Students with accessible learning needs have first priority with these workstations, but the equipment is available to other students when it is not in use. 

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    Find a book my instructor placed on reserve

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    If you know the title of the book, search for it in Page 1+

    If you are not sure of the title, but you know your course code, search Course Reserves in Page 1+.

    For more information, you can always ask library staff for assistance, or see our Course Reserves (Hardcopies) page.

    For online reserves, visit our eReserves Library Guide.

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    Sign onto a campus computer

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    First time users

    • Username = your student number

    • Password = YYYYMMDD@Cencol  

    YYYYMMDD is your date of birth. For example, January 20, 1992 would be 19920120@Cencol  

    Don’t forget to include “@Cencol” at the end of your password.

    You will be asked to change your password. 

    New Password Rules

    • minimum 10 digits long
    • have at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol (#*/?$!@). 

    You will use this new password for computer access, to access the printers without your myCard, and to log in to the secure Wi-Fi network. 

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    Who is my School's librarian?

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    School of Communications, Media, Arts and DesignMuyi Ogunleye  

    School of Community & Health Studies - Jennifer Easter  

    School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science -  Joanna Blair 

    School of English and Liberal Studies - Stephanie Power 

    School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts - Richard Sims 

    School of Transportation - Jennifer Easter 

    The Business School - Richard Sims 

    Open Education Resources & Digital Projects - Michelle Johnson

    Copyright & eReserves - Shelby Thaysen

    For more help, contact the Libraries.