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Learning Circles

The Learning Centre offers weekly study groups called Learning Circles for select courses.

Experienced tutors lead Learning Circles, which will allow you to: 

  • Review and enhance your understanding of course content. 
  • Clarify difficult concepts and fill in knowledge gaps. 
  • Compare your notes and learn from your peers. 

Learning Circles are offered through an online platform while Centennial College campuses are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Book and Join an Online Learning Circle:

1, Check the Tutor Booking System for the online Learning Circle schedules at your campus. Sign up for each Learning Circle in the tutor booking system.

2. Online Learning Circles will be hosted via Instagram Live. The tutor leading the Learning Circle will e-mail you the name and link of the Instagram Learning Circle page (using the e-mail in your profile).

3. Please note that you need to have or create an Instagram account in order to join the Learning Circle.

4. During the scheduled day and time, the tutor leading the Learning Circle will start a live feed. You can participate in the Learning Circle in various ways, such as asking and answering questions in the chat, participating in a poll, sending an emoji reaction, etc.

5. A recap of the Learning Circle will be available on the Learning Circle Instagram page as IGTV posts.

If you have trouble booking an online appointment, please send a detailed e-mail to

If a Learning Circle session is not offered for your course, contact your campus Learning Strategist to request a Learning Circle.