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The Learning Centre

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What we are

The Centennial College Learning Centre is committed to the promotion of independent and active learning for all Centennial College students. Our peer-based tutoring program is designed to provide one-on-one assistance and small group support to Centennial College students in an informal environment. We will help students understand the process of learning. Tutors are University or Centennial College students who are in high academic standing and have been recommended by their respective departments.

Who is eligible

Currently enrolled, full-time and part-time Centennial College students have access to all the services we provide, free of charge. We believe that all students can benefit from tutoring services. Our programs are meant both to challenge high achieving students and to support those having academic difficulties.

Additional support for students with learning disabilities is also available. Contact your Learning Centre Staff for more details.

What we offer

  • One-on-one subject tutoring: Using our online tutor booking system, you can book appointments in the many courses offered at Centennial College.
  • Learning Strategies:  Students can meet with a Learning Strategist to learn study skills that will help them be successful in their courses.  The study skills include: time management, reading comprehension, improving memory, test preparation and note-taking.
  • Math Support:   Students struggling with Math can visit our Math Drop-in Centres to receive help from our Math tutors.  No appointment necessary!  Our Math specialist is also available by appointment to help students overcome their fear and anxiety of learning Math by providing them with different tools and skills that will help students succeed in their Math studies.
  • Drop-in sessions: Full-time tutors schedule daily drop-in sessions for students with quick questions.  Check drop-in times with Learning Centre staff.  Open tutoring sessions may also be available at your campus for specific courses - check the website for details.
  • Review sessions:  Students sign up in the Learning Centre to review coursework in preparation for mid-terms and final exams.  You can make requests for review sessions throughout the semester.
  • Class visits:  Faculty can contact Learning Centre Staff to arrange for a tutor to visit his/her class throughout the semester. Tutors take advantage of this opportunity to inform students face-to-face about our services.
  • Online Help:   Improve your knowledge by making use of our Practice and Review sheets, Helpful Websites or English Language Help links anytime. 

 When we are available

  • The Learning Centres are open in the second week of each new semester and students can receive tutoring up until the final week of classes.  Please check the Libraries Hours & Locations page for specific dates & hours.