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Math Learning Centre

 Are you struggling with MATH?  Here’s how we can help!

  •  Math Drop–in

o Drop by your Math Learning Centre between classes for math help
o Receive guidance on tips and strategies to solve complex math problems
o Check  the hours and locations for your campus Math Centre

  •  One–on–One Appointments

o Book an appointment with a Math Learning Strategist to find out your mathematical learning needs.  Find out how to:

§ Understand your learning style and strengths
§ Reduce your math anxiety
§ Develop math strategies tailored to your unique learning style
§ Organize and plan your study schedule for the whole semester
§ Learn tips and techniques to remember and retain math formulas

  •  Group Sessions: Learning Circles, Review Sessions & Seminars

o Find out about our group sessions to practice math strategies and help you prepare for assignments and tests.  Contact the Learning Centre.

  •  Math Tip Sheets

   Practice your math techniques and strategies using our handouts, available at the Math Drop-in.

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