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Pollock Holocaust & Genocide Studies Collection


In producing a site such as "The John and Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection", many individuals and institutions have contributed to make it possible.

Our credits begin with sincere thanks to John and Molly Pollock. Without the generous donation of their book collection on the Holocaust to Centennial College, we would not have been able to create this website and share the books and the history with others.

We also express gratitude for the work of the late Jerry Goodis who, in his capacity as Special Advisor to the President, was instrumental in working with President Richard Johnston to bring the Holocaust book collection from the donors to Centennial College.

Advisory Committee:

To help guide the use of the collection, President Richard Johnston invited Rabbi Gunther Plaut to act as Honourary Chair of the John and Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection Advisory Committee. Committee members include:

Volunteer Support:

We express our sincere appreciation for the volunteer support that we received.

Joseph Koenig, Member of the John and Molly Pollock Holocaust Collection Advisory Committee, was actively involved in various ways, contributing content, providing commentaries, and preparing translations from "Der Giftpilz" and selected articles from "Dresdner Nachrichten".
Len Rudner, Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region, provided editorial suggestions.
John and Molly Pollock donated their time for a video interview included on the site.
Vera Schiff donated her time for a video interview and audio excerpt included on the site.

Centennial College:

A project like this is a team effort. Many individuals at Centennial College worked together to ensure the successful completion of this project. Our thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible, including:

Kerstin Camenietzki, Holocaust Collection Manager, who guided the development of content for the site, facilitated access to the collection, prepared the subject guide, and coordinated our efforts
Wayne MacPhail, Web Co-ordinator, Marketing and Communications, who provided technical leadership for the project
Deborah McIvor, Web Development Assistant, Marketing and Communications, who provided technical support for the project
Jan Tallon, Library Operations Manager, Centennial College Libraries, who was responsible for administrative co-ordination
Gladys Watson, Director, Centennial College Libraries, who provided administrative leadership for the project.

Additional support was provided by: Robert Baltovich, Katrina Hansen and Sandra Woodburne, Library Technicians.

Web Design and Production Team:

We, the Web site design and production team, would like to thank all the above individuals for their assistance with this project, and for financial contribution from Canada's Digital Collections Initiative, Industry Canada, which enabled us to work on this project.

Our team is made up of five students from The Centre for Creative Communications at Centennial College. We completed this project, in part, as a requirement for a course instructed by Marie-Jose Crete in the New Media Design program.

Merewyn Hines - Team Leader
Haruyo Asada - Designer, User Interface Designer
Yvette Farkas - Information Architect, User Interface Designer
Shahaff Idan - Audio, Video, and Scanning Technician, Programmer
Victor Stan - Primary Programmer

Our thanks to Wade Hemsworth, writer for the site.

Canada's Digital Collections Initiative, Industry Canada:

We express our appreciation to Canada's Digital Collections Initiative, Industry Canada for financial support for this project.